It’s All About Me

Newsflash! It’s all about me
I’m ill, I’m getting worse
It’s not my fault my body is letting me down
I’d do anything to make it stop

It’s all about me,
even when you think it’s not
Every argument, with me,
or around me, will Make me feel worse

If you don’t do the things you promised
If you believe that I am wrong
And that you are right,
It doesn’t matter, it still makes me ill

I’m not getting any younger,
I’m not getting any better,
I’m fading before your eyes,
Yes, it’s all about me

I have always done my best
I’ve done everything I could
I gave my all for everyone
But now it’s all about me, or it should be

Every slammed door,
Every raised voice,
Every moan and groan,
It hurts me inside, it’s all about me

I can’t control my body
I can’t control my brain
They are both connected
They both feel all the pain

I’ve never let you down
I’ve always been there for you
Now it’s your turn
It’s all about me

I’m not sure how much more I can take
The pain is getting worse,
I don’t want to go on like this
But I do for you, for you I still suffer

Why can’t it for once
Be all about me?

black and white photograph of a woman crying.

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