Can’t See the Wood For the Trees

Can’t See the Wood for the Trees.

Hug a tree and feel the peace,
of hundreds of years of growth
and stillness, deeply grounded
At one one with the earth.

Stay still, keep calm, you are safe
All around the tall trees grow
But you can only feel your place
Your soul, your connection.

It’s time to let go, but you are not really sure,
Where will this lead, what will you do?
How can you leave behind such peace and stillness?
What is the world like beyond your place?

Slowly, you release and breathe.
Shallow breaths at first as panic rises,
there are so many trees, trapping you in.
You have to go, you have to leave.

As you walk between the trees, you see
Each branch extends with leafy additions.
So many paths, which one do you take?
Follow your heart, your tree has taught you well.

Off you go, through the tress,
The path appears and you follow,
If you wish you can change direction.
It’s huge, but it’s not so bad.

Breathing deeply now, you feel the air.
You are free to choose,
Free to be you,
Follow your heart and be true.

Far from the trees in the wood
Is a meadow, a place between bad and good
Once in that meadow you will see
That life is a path and it ends in that field.

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