Symphony of Pain

The symphony begins with a single violin,
the bow glides across the strings
delivering a tone, a drone
That populates my head.

Soon I hear a flute commence
gentle breathy notes
Telling me that I’m alive
That I’m still breathing

More violins arrive to unite
An orchestra of drones
Fill my head and occupy my soul,
Dominating me whole

The flute is still there
breathy and clear
My head is heavy
I need to rest.

The ensemble welcomes a kettle drum
Pounding da boom da boom da boom
The flute drowned in the orchestral ocean
Eyes closed let the darkness ascend.

Droning and now booming
Da boom, da boom
Bile rises to my throat
I Can’t move now

remember to breath
I think of the flute
This is my body
I ‘m the conductor

The boom is my heart, the violins my blood
The flute is my soul
the orchestra will subdue it’s symphony
And listen to me

By Poetry in Stitches

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